This event is organized together with the History students or Tosine. In October/November with a similar event organized in March or April.

It is customary for many tutors to throw their tutorees a “Finnish evening” and so it was for Tosine’s long time international student tutor Sanni as well. When she finished her studies it was decided to make the event a huge party for international students and Finnish students alike. Continuing to do, a lot of co-operation with Tosine, it was decided that Nefa and Tosine throw this party together. We share the same department and our international students study the same courses. During the evening you can taste all sorts of delicious homemade Finnish food as well as watch a Finnish movie and enjoy Finnish company with Finnish music. The first official Suomi-Evening was held in April 2013. Because many of our Autumn students stayed the whole year, Suomi-Evening took a little twist in Spring 2014 and was called Meet and Mingle: The International Get-Together.