Student Well-being

Are you in need of some help? Although it may not always be easy to ask for help, it is recommendable that if something is bothering you  that you come and discuss it. Sometimes just talking can help! 🙂

Small problems can grow and it may be that they also affect your studying. But there is no need to be alone! We are here to help…


Nefa board: SOPO/ Social policy correspondent and/or KOPO/ Educational policy correspondent

History and Ethnology department: Hyvis (Hyvä is Finnish and means ’good’)

JYY also known as The Student Union:  SOPO-secretary, KOPO-secretary

The secretaries can be found from Ilokivi (through the main door and then either down the left or right corridor). The Office secretary Maija can be found from the left corridor (jasenpalvelusihteeri (a) And from the right corridor can be found the social policy, educational policy and international secretaries:

*KOPO- secretary Karoliina: sosiaalisihteeri (a)
* SOPO-secretary Susanna: koposihteeri (a)
* Secretary of international affairs and development cooperation Agnes: kv-sihteeri (a)

In extreme cases: more information on the Student Union webpage

YTHS/FSHS or the Health Care for students of  Higher Education


Student’s support group: Nyyti ry.

Religious support group for students: University chaplains

All conversations will be kept confidential!