Student room and student paper

The student room or ToNe-room

The student room of for the Ethnology and History students is one and the same. The name of the room comes from our associations’ names: To for Tosine and Ne for Nefa. It is located in H-building (first floor, room 102).

The history students’ organization Tosine occupied the room first, with NEFA’s residence being located in the stone foundation of the building Villa Rana affectionately called Kivijalka. The ethnology students of Jyväskylä happily resided in Kivijalka for ten years (2001-2011) until flooding and pipe problems in Villa Rana resulted in the speedy evacuation of everyone in and around the building thus moving the Ethnology Historica.  Kivijalka was perhaps the largest student room on campus. After the evacuation, the History and Ethnology Department (HELA) decided to make out of the Tosine room a common room for both History and Ethnology students alike. The renovation of the common room began just before Christmas 2011.

Opening hours: Mondays-Fridays 8-18 (H-building closes at 18)

P.S. Tea and coffee can be made in the small kitchen area, but remember to clean and wash-up after yourself and to recycle any trash!


The student paper

The student paper is one and the same for both the History and Ethnology students. It is published twice a year, around mid-December and mid-May. Anyone can write in the paper or take pictures. When the paper is publlished, you can get a copy for yourself free of charge. Please see the editors of the student paper for more information.