Events and other activities

Come and participate in our fun activities. You are welcome and free to join us even with a friend!

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The Events of Nefa-Jyväskylä

Different events are organized throughout the year. Some are old, annual events that are organized every year, but most of them are tailored to our current students’ interests and are organized only if there are enough people to join. All exchange students are welcome to join in on the fun and meet the other members of NEFA-Jyväskylä. The board usually informs the members of our association about the events in our Facebook-group and through nefa-jkl(a) -mailinglist. The events are organized by our board members responsible for recreation, but feel free to contact them if you want help or have any questions!

The Annual Board Meeting of Nefa-Jyväskylä ry. (January-February)

In the early spring the executive board (EB) of Nefa-Jkl meets to discuss the future of their organization and to choose the new EB members. There can be at least up to 11 members in the EB. There can also be less and often each member has several tasks or some members have joint tasks and responsibilities. All other board meetings are kept about once a month. All members of Nefa are welcome to join the meetings, whether they have the need to keep up with the life of Nefa-Jkl or to socialize with its members.

Shrove Sunday/Tuesday (February)

is an ancient pagan Spring festival. In Catholic and Lutheran countries great quantities of food have been consumed and people have partied merrily. In Finland, however, the festival is celebrated with pea soup and Shrove buns (buns, or pulla, filled with cream and jam). In addition, young people go sliding down snowy slopes. Nefa-Jkl upheld this tradition in 2012, with buns being baked the previous evening and by sliding down the Harju and serving hot juice and the ’laskiaispullat’ on Shrove Tuesday.


Huutoyö or ”Shout Night” (April)

In the olden days, people used to scare off wolves from the city by making loud noises and yelling to Saint George to keep his dogs tied up. The traditional festival is held on Jyrki’s (George’s) nameday on the 23rd of April. The tradition has come from Eastern Europe and has been especially strong in the traditions of Carelia and Eastern Finland. To continue the tradition, Nefa along with anyone else who wants to join, brings pots, pans, instruments and anything else to make noise with. Starting with a simple meal of bread, jams, cheeses and so forth, the idea has been to travel in one group around the city center yelling and making noise begging Saint George to tie up his dogs. Please!

Mayday or Vappu (May)

All the students gather together each year on Vappu eve at Kirkkopuisto – Church Park. At the park there is some program arranged by the students unions of the University and Applied Sciences. Also, it is a tradition to crown the Minna Canth statue with the Finnish graduation cap. The next day on May 1st at noon, the Student Union of our University organizes the annual Mayday picnic at the Harju with music and a great relaxed athmosphere in celebration of the soon to end studies of the past academic year. There is also around 14 pm a car show where old and strange-looking cars drive around the center – a car parade if you will. Most of the restaraunts are also open although everyhting else is closed.

Aino’s Day (May)

The 10th of May celebrates Aino’s nameday. On this day, the first year students of Ethnology organize a play which represents a battle between Winter and Spring. The play is open to everyone especially to the staff and students of the History and Ethnology department. After the play, it is customary to offer coffee and tea to the staff of HELA.


Encouraging Entrance exam -takers (May-June)

In the year 2008 History and Ethnology students decided to arrange a table with juice and cookies outside the entrance exam building to encourage and meet probable young Ethnology and History students. Probable students of Ethnology are also encouraged to ask from the older students anything they wish about studies and studylife.

Summer Fun (June-August)

Unfortunate but true, the small Nefa organization of Jyväskylä becomes even smaller during the summer. But like many other organizations, Nefa also tries not to forget those who are left behind in Jyväskylä while others go home and abroad. Many events are arranged, even haphazardly, from game nights and barbeque evenings to movie nights and tea parties. Some may even get ideas to do something even more fun, in which case they should definately speak up!

Newbies meet the Oldies (September)

At the beginning of September, the first year Ethnology students are invited to meet the EB members of Nefa-Jkl as well as other older students and are welcomed to study Ethnology. The meeting serves as an informative, introductory and as a welcoming event to the new Ethnology students.

Newbies’ evening (September)

is meant for all Ethnology students and serves as an informal get-together for them after the summer holidays. But, above all it is a chance to meet the First Years! Introductory rounds are kept, drinking games are played and even singing Karaoke is allowed.

The Game’s Night (September-October)

The Game’s Night was first held in September 2011 at Lillukka in the Kortepohja Student Village with great success. The idea of the event is to play as many games as possible and the one who has played the most games by the next morning wins a special prize. Yey! Games include -well, all games. From playstation and X-box to board and card games.

game night

Kiviniemi’s Sauna Night (September-October)

Slightly passed Kortepohja, is a small cottage by a lake. An annual tradition allows students to go swimming one last time before winter. Refreshments are served indoors and a campfire and some music entertains students outdoors. As part of the tradition, everyone gathers around in a circle and introduces themselves and tells something fun or embarrassing about themselves. Oooh, can’t wait!


”Fuksiaiset” (September/October)

”Fuksit” means first year students and Fuksiaiset serves as a rite of passage for first year university students. Different groups are formed by the older students around the city according to students’ majors. The Ethnology students have usually had about two different groups to themselves. The point of the event is for the first year students to go from one Ethnology point to the next and basically do anything silly or strange that is asked of them by the older students. The event ends with more fun at one of the local bars.


Halloween (October/November)

Though originally celebrated on the 30th of October, Halloween is tradtionally celebrated in Finland on Pyhäinpäivä (early November). Although a recently new event for Nefa-Jkl, this event is as eagerly awaited for as any other! Candies, cakes and other goodies have been offered and the event has even included carving oranges into pumpkins as well as many other fun games including also a costume contest.

PA300132Suomi-Evening (October/November)

This event is organized together with the History students or Tosine. It is customary for many tutors to throw their tutorees a “Finnish evening” and so it was for Tosine’s long time international student tutor Sanni as well. When she finished her studies it was decided to make the event a huge party for international students and Finnish students alike. During the evening you can taste all sorts of delicious homemade Finnish food as well as watch a Finnish movie and enjoy Finnish company with Finnish music.


Pre-Christmas Party (November/December)

The Pre-Christmas Party is organized by the first year students. Part of Nefa-Jkl’s pre-Chritmas tradition includes some fun costume theme as well as a warm, welcoming and joyous athmosphere, and some Christmassy food.