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Nefa board members can be found here or in the poster by the door of the student room or ToNe-room. Please contact us if you need assistance in anything and we will help you! If we can’t, we know who can. Especially our board member for International affairs is here to help you.

NEFA-Jyväskylä on facebook: Page / Group
NEFA-Jyväskylä mailing -list:

History and Ethnology department or HELA i.e. Historian ja etnologian laitos:
Head of International Affairs, Department Intern
Our department on facebook: Page

Student Union or JYY:
Secretary for International Affairs at Ilokivi the hall to your right.
Subcommittee for International Affairs or SIA, a free forum for all students, Finnish or international. Come and tell how you like it in Finland or how we can make your stay better. Meetings held once a month in a relaxed athmosphere. Come when you can! Drinks and snacks served free of charge.

On facebook: SIA Page, Group, Student Union Page

The International Office of the University of Jyväskylä:
The international office is located at building T, next to the University Main Library on the main Campus. Behind it you can find our department H-building or Historica.

Other associations for International students in Jyväskylä:
ESN-Jyväskylä, AIESEC-Jyväskylä, IDESCO (international degree student association)