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Nefa, the Student Association of Ethnology and Anthropology Students in Jyväskylä

NEFA-Jyväskylä ry is the student association of ethnology and anthropology students in the University of Jyväskylä. NEFA-Jyväskylä ry was founded in 1973 as a sub-organization of NEFA Norden, the Danish umbrella organization for students of ethnology and folklore. Unfortunately, NEFA Norden stopped operating in the 2000s. In 2010, NEFA Norden was replaced with Kulo ry, a Finnish umbrella organization for various student associations focusing on cultural studies, such as ethnology, folkloristics, anthropology, literature, media culture or musicology. NEFA-Jyväskylä ry is nowadays an active member of Kulo ry.

NEFA-Jyväskylä ry represents ethnology and anthropology students in Jyväskylä. Nefa co-operates with the Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä (JYY) and works for the good and rights of its members. Nefa keeps contact with other cultural studies associations around Finland, usually through the umbrella organization Kulo. Furthermore, Nefa has interdisciplinary collaboration with other student associations in Jyväskylä, especially with the history students.

The student association is run by the board consisting up to 11 persons. The board is elected annually and all the board members have their own responsibilities. Nefa’s current chairperson is Aurora Juntunen, and you can contact her through email (heaujunt [a] if you have any questions about Nefa. The person in charge of international affairs in 2018 is Sanni Metsola and you can contact her through email (satumets [a]

Nefa keeps in contact with its exchange students and organizes intercultural events, such as parties and board game nights, to integrate them to the community. Exchange students are always welcome to our other activities as well, in which case you should join our group on Facebook to know what is going on in Nefa. Welcome aboard!

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